Brittney Langdon – Tacoma, Washington Washington


Brittney tried to act like she was my best friend to get to my husband. My husband and I were about to sell our home and buy our dream horse property in Las Vegas. Brittney who works with my husband was supposed to watch our dogs while we went to check out homes to buy in Las Vegas. She was always so friendly and texted me often. It was hard to look at her as a predator as she is my daughters age. I became suspicious when my husband became overly protective with his phone so I started doing some investigation. To my devistation I found condom receipts, receipts for dinner for two and a gift of woman’s shoes on a day he was supposed to be at work. Finally I had my husband fallowed and I caught him with Brittney. I let them both have it but they both denied they ever slept together. I have a hard time believing that one. Anyway my husband and I have been married for 10 years and I hope our marriage can survive, but if it doesn’t I have Brittney Langdon to thanks for destroying my marriage. She definitely has issues as she is 18 years younger than my husband and has no problems going after married men. Don’t let this one around your man, not matter how friendly she is. She is in the God Harbor, Tacoma area.

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