Brittney Slates – Sacramento, California California


This woman befriended my husband by asking about how’s your family? How’s your son? Our son was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. She would stop by his work and slowly became a friend to him and then more. She is married herself! She left her husband and has been asking my husband to leave me for over a year! I was completely blindsided by him and her. My husband was weak and his complaint was that I didn’t have time for him but she did. I was taking care of our son who’s fighting cancer! And I guess I have been distracted, my bad. I have been married to my husband 15 years but we have been together 21! Half of my life…. I don’t even know him anymore I guess. I never thought he would do this. Our children are devastated…. He has moved out… This woman is horrible…

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