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This lady posted a job for an assistant on Indeed making $540 per week, then proceeds to send me emails like this: see below: A review has been made on your Job application and i’m happy to bring you on board.  Congratulations !As stated on the application form, I’m offering to start you at a pay rate of $ 540 per week. You will be paid on a weekly basis. Your duties includes: Managing diaries and organizing meetings and appointments, booking and arranging travels, Emails and correspondence, transport and accommodation, Household management (e.g. scheduling cleaners, managing family calendars, etc.), handling correspondence/bill pay, Shopping (e.g. clothes, gifts, etc).You will be eligible for benefits, such as health insurance, 401(k), stock plan, dental and optical insurance, etc. Your first-assignment will start by Next week Tuesday, 31st of July, 2018. Your first assignment/task is to do a few children items shopping at any store in your province. These items are meant for Kids in the Orphanage Home. And the items will be Unisex Items for Kids under the age of 3 to 10..I will Email you detailed guidance with instructions in my next Message. The primary purpose of your first assignment is to test your efficiency and dedication to the job offered. Working schedule:  You can either work this position Full time or Part time. It requires approximately five (5) hours per week.  The funds needed for your assignments as well as your Weekly-wages will be mailed to you by my Financier. It will be sent to your address as stated on the application form.If you choose to accept this job offer,  It is very important that you reply back to this message, and confirm to me that you’ve received and understand my explanations.Sincerely,Brittany Stargell.Good Morning ********* ******,:Your assignment commends today, kindIy be reminded that a remittance has been maiIed to you by U:S:P:S  and the foreseen deIivery time-frame is about 2 to 3 working days… KindIy keep me informed soon as it’s DeIivered. The check is in the totaI amount of  $. 3,821.50 The DeIivery tracking Number is.    9470111899560190967431Upon receipt of the Check, kindIy proceed to your bank and deposit the checck.  After the deposit is made, cIearance time-frame should be within 1 to 3 business-days, after which the funds wiII be availabIe for your WithdrawaI. Disbursement Procedure::You are to take  $.540 for your weekly saIary.AIso, deduct $.200 as it’s to be used in buying some gift ltems for kids between the age range of 3 to 10.  (AIl gifts ltems are to be sent to the Orphanage home stated beIow, via any courier service in your area)Bellewood Home for Children1722 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205As regards the remaining funds, l’m still finalizing some Antique purchases which l made from an OnIine Auction. Soon as the Bid is secured, l’ll send you their banking detaiIs with lnstructions on how it’ll be Remitted.KindIy acknowIedge that you receive and understand my expIanations/instructions as your acknowIedgment is important.Thanks,Brittany.Super sketchy. I asked her about meeting, she said in two weeks which was also very peculiar.

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