Brodie Food Mart


Brodie Food Mart I entered my credit card but when I pushed the “Credit” arrow it would not work. I had to go inside and the owner said he set it for me. Before going into the store I had pushed the button on the far left for regular as at $2.789. But when the owner manually reset it he must have set it on Premium. I noticed the the price “$31.68” was too high for 9.6 gallons so I went back in and should him on my calculator what the price should have been. Then he told me that I pushed the premium button, which I absolutely did not. That button is on the far right. My right hand was full with my billfold and credit card. I used my left hand to push the regular button. I went back in and told the owner that I could not possibly have pushed that button, but he insisted that I did. He is running a scam by making a person come in and then he can reset the machine so that it is on premium instead of regular. I have never gotten gas there before and I certainly will never stop there again. Austin, Texas!!. This afternoon I stopped at the Brodie Food Mart to fill up my gas tank. I inserted my credit card and when the screen came up I tried to put the arrow for “credit”, but it would not work. I ended up having to cancel it and go inside to the owner. He kept my card and told me the machine was set and all I to do was put the gas pump hose in and start filling the tank. When the tank was full I noticed that the amount for 9.6 gallons was too high ($31.68). I used the calculator on my phone to figure what it should have been. and it was $26.7744. I went back into the store and showed the owner my phone. He insisted that I had pushed the premium botton instead of regular. That was not possible. First of all the regular button is on the far left and the premium button in on the far right. My right hand was full with my billfold and credit card, and my left hand is what I ALWAYS use to push the regular button. Besides that, I had CANCELLED the order when the machine wouldn’t work. So the owner had to have reset the machine to “premium”. I explained this to him but he refused to do anything and was extremely rude. He is definitely running a scam by forcing a customer to come into the store so he can “reset” the pump. I had never stopped at this station before and i certainly will not do so again. But I do now want him to keep cheating people.

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