19.02.2019 | My name is mohamed dahir muhumud i was born in 01.01.1986 | I am married | My nationality is somalia | My resident is austria | My passport no. K 1293662 ,my addresse is brunnerstrasse169/8/9 wien post code 1210 | I would like to make a complaint regarding a broker called brokerz | Someone from their sales department called me on the 16/01/2019 and offered me | Great bonus scheme if i deposit my funds with them, they also told me.I would make a substantial profit. | I have decided to deposit €2000. | They called me again and told me if i deposit another €2000 i would get bonus worth | As much as €4000 and i would make profits on regular basis. | As they seemed professional i took.Thwir offer and on the 15/01/2019 i have deposited yet another €2000. | A lady  called dr ciara stitch called me soon after and told me she is my account | Manager and she would look after me. She told me as she will be working with me | Closely i would be getting the profits i was told in the beginning and to be honest it got me excited as i was looking to make an extra income in order to support my family. | In our short time together i have made profits just over €6000.  | So at this stage i tried to withdraw some of the fund, but they soon informed that i will | Be not be able to withdraw any money from the account as i have accepted bonus from them in the first place. | At this stage i really got suspicious as my profits was not available to withdraw for | Me. I have asked how it would be possible to trust them when i m not able to freely control what goes in and out of my trading account. | After i had with long conversation and debate with them my account manager has called me and informed they can only send €100, which i accepted at the time. | Once i have received that €100 she has said that from now on there cannot be | Withdrawals until i deposit €50 000. I have explained that i personally cannot afford such a sum. | She gave me until 17/01/2019 to make that deposit, and if i don’t do it then we see | You someone who is not fit for purpose, someone who cannot be trusted to make a | Good financial judgement. She informed if i do not deposit before the deadline i would not be trusted with my own money in my own trading account, and they would be trading on my behalf from now on.  | I believe they have scammed me, i believe they were not forthcoming in the beginning as none of the.Information was disclosed to me in the first place.  | I hereby confirm i hold brokerz accountable for the all stress they have caused and i would like your firm to go ahead and start the process to sue them.  | I give my full authorisation and will will co operate with your department | Kind regards | Mohamed dahir muhumud sign



Country: Austria


City: wien

Address: beunnerstrasse169

Phone: 4368864405076


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