Brooke Alexis Love – Phoenix, Arizona Arizona


Been knowing this female for almost 4 years until she decided to ruin the friendship over the father of my son Gerald James. I thought she was a friend and I could trust her told her to text him to call me because he blocked my number but instead she does a 360 and flirts sends naked pics goes on dates and fucks him in 2 days of knowing him she is a coward a liar manipulator , slut she goes from dick to dick she has ruin plenty of relationship families and broken up homes all because she’s desperate money hungry gold digger. She sabotage me to the father of my son now he wants nothing to do with his first son and first child he even changed his number. Because of her fulling lies and bullshit to him that he believe everything and is a coward like she is. She goes on social media talking mess so I think since she wants to put herself in situation that has nothing to do with her let’s tell the whole world how much she only cares about her selfish self and not about the kids that these men have that she is breaking the homes up for. The father of my son gerald James wants nothing to do with his son because of this backpage Craig list pimp having slut that is a gold digger manipulator two face doesn’t care about any friendship she is full of shit and a coward. She has a tendency of leading men on then crying rape when its all her actions and behavior she is also an attention seeking liar not even a friend after 4years of me doing everything for this girl when she had nothing I was there for her paid her bills bought her food took her to doctors appointment when she was pregnant but lied saying that she lost the baby when she had an abortion. She is the real and only reason why Gerald James isn’t in his sons life because this whore backstabbing sabotaging two face whore. Fellas if you got money and want a taste text or call her she goes for anything that has a dick she will fuck you quick just like she f*cked my sons father after 2days and claiming him and another married man who she also ruined his hom e that he has with his 3 kids. Her number is 2134018257 and 2135191563. Her Facebook is love finnigan contact this attention seeking man home ruining selfish only cares about herself and never about the kids that she is breaking up the homes about. No wonder she gets raped every time due to her behavior actions and leading them on

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