Brooke Cooper – Hampton, Illinois Illinois


My husband and I have been married for 6 years we have 6 children altogether,we have a Beautiful three-year-old daughter together which is absolute daddy’s girl. We had ups and downs in our marriage just like everybody does. No one ever said marriage was easy nor was it ever going to be perfect.So if your marriage isn’t perfect watch out for this homewrecker Brooke Cooper. She prays on married men who are weak and trying to sort out their lives. She doesn’t care that she is ruining a family and children’s lives.She has nothing to offer a man or anyone’s children for that matter.She can’t keep a job not even a simple little paper route .she has been in and out of prison for meth and because of that she didn’t raise her own children.She relied on Family members to do that for her. She doesn’t have a place to live because she doesn’t have a job, so she finds guys to shack up with that will support her because she can’t do it on her own. You definitely want to keep your husband away from her she said s a low life piece of sh*t.

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