Broward County Traffic and DUI School Fort Lauderdale Florida


Complaint: After getting a DUI, I was required as a 1st offender to take a DUI class to get my license reinstated. I contacted, Broward County Traffic and DUI School(Broward – Dade Safety Council). As a requirement before taking the class, I had to go for a psychosocial evaluation given by an employee to determine if i have a potential substance abuse. I didn’t think anything about it because I don’t do drugs and I really don’t even drink, yet i managed to get a DUI on that rare occasion that I did drink. Immediately into the evaluation, the lady evaluating me was being condenscending, asking if I have ever done drugs, alcohol, etc in my life and not thinking, I said yes, over a decade ago there were times when I might have tried something, I have rare occasions of having a beer, etc. This conversation went on, she insinuated several times that I was lying when I said I don’t do drugs. I also took a written test, which I passed. Yet, she was determined to get me to crack and fess up. She had me trying to remember every little inncident in life I had with alcohol or drugs. This went on, no matter what I said she did not believe me. As a result, she decided and declared that I was a substance abuser and now would need to take substance abuse classes and counseling. I did not accept this answer and asked to speak to supervisor. I was greeted by man who said he would listen to my objections, but not much he could do. I told him I don’t do drugs or really drink, he said, ” then what am I doing here””

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Address: and after a few unkind words were exchanged

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Phone: and me declaring I can’t afford to pay more fees and registrations

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