Brownstone Enterprises Group Rocky Mountain House Alberta Review


Brownstone Enterprises Group approached us by telephone to purchase our time share property. They went through all the channels sent everything through on what seemed like very “professional paper”” . Once we signed they then turned the sale over to an Escrow group located in Chicago by the name of Development Funding Sources

this company then proceeded to request money for Binder Fees

Mexican taxes

commission etc to the tune of $12

000.00 and then will no longer answer calls. Brownstone Enterprises Group and Deveolpment Funding Sources both played a huge roll in ripping us off. Every time I sent money they would promise my funds would be in the banlk within three to five business days. I even did get a copy of a money transfer copy from HSBC showing the amount that they were going to send but it never did come. In one conversation with Mr. Edwin Cox from Brownstone

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