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Complaint: Bruce Hafner and the board of fire ccommissioners have taken it upon themselves to cancel the health insurance of five retirees that have worked for the district for over 30 years. Each of these men have serious health issues and depend on their health insurance. They were hired in the 1970’s and a district handbook states that the employees and their families would receive health insurance for the rest of their lives. In January of 2014, the board of fire commissioners decided to cancel the health insurance for the retirees. This is the thanks they received for the many years of hard work and service they have done for the district. It was more important for Mr. Hafner to purchase $130,000 worth of heart monitoring equipment that was not needed, then to pay for the insurance for the retired employees that was promised to them. The residents of the district should also be concerned that Commissioner Hafner, an EMTCC attempted to revive a young man that was obviously dead for a few hours and in rigor before the EMT’s arrived at the scene. If this Commissioner can not tell the difference between a live person and a dead person, I don’t think I want him sitting on the board of fire commissioners for my fire district. I am ashamed of our fire district for their disgusting behaviour.

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Address: 2 Main Street Cold Spring Harbor, New York, New York USA


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