Bruce Harshman, MFT


Beware, Harshman’s modus operandi is rather than be a fair and equitable in child custody evaluations, Harshman’s method is to capriciously weight the scale to one parent, rather than approve the usual 50-50 parental custodies, resulting in prolonged billing opportunities for him. Harshman is gender neutral, usually siding with the parent with most resources. Harshman doesn’t bother interviewing key people, such as grandparents, and then recommends children be separated from those key people.Harshman cancels appointments, Superior court judges called during my appointments, likely to demand he finish his long-delayed reports which have delayed cases on their dockets. Harshman continually pleads health issues, but attorneys have seen him in court when he has cancelled because of sickness. In my case, his report took two years rather than the court mandated 14 weeks maximum. Family Court does not enforce it’s 14 week limit rule on completing child custody reports and Harshman takes extreme advantage of that. Harshman works the court system knowing that he is immune and the judges usually rubber-stamp his recommendations, just wanting to close cases. Harshman has no effective judicial or administrative oversight and he knows it. Toothless CA Court of Appeals findings against Harshman of unacceptable work and non-interviews of key people in cases, Superior court removal from its public lists of private child custody evaluators have failed to stop him. Harshman continues to appear regularly in court and lying about being de-listed. It seems to make no difference to judges and if you choose Harshman and the judge appoints him you do it at your peril as many others have discovered. Innocuous statements are twisted out of context beyond all recognition. Psychological and personality tests are staged and canned results are cherry-picked for a slanted recommendation without regard to the actual test results. Harshman knows he is immune because the court can’t take away his MFT license and even the court committee made up of judges, court child custody evaluators and court administrators won’t notify licensing bodies or make it’s findings public so they can be utilized by any other entity. On the other hand, while the court sends thousands of parents on fools-errands to licensing bodies, the MFT licensing body, the Board of Behavioral Sciences, won’t touch Harshman because he can do pretty much anything, as long as the court appoints him to any role where the petitioner and respondent aren’t in a voluntary relationship with him. Unfortunately, the only thing that currently Harshman could do to lose his license is be convicted of a felony, which is a pretty high threshold when he is mostly with people one-on-one in his office. If the murdering of souls and relationships is akin to murdering a person, then Harshman has achieved the perfect crime…all within the judicial system set up to protect our children, us and our families. There isn’t enough time to describe how bad this guy can get and has as he’s been doing it to hundreds over ten years. If you can avoid any contact with Harshman, in any framework, I would recommend that.

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