Bruce W. Tarras Cynthia Lynn McNabb


Bruce W Tarras Cynthia Lynn Mcnabb Commited an Act Of Fraud By Lying in A Coverup To the Insurance Corporation Chilliwack Bc Canada!!. These two commited an act of fraud by lying in a coverup to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. They live n Chilliwack, B. C. Canada. Cynthia Lynn McNabb was drinking in a licensed establishment in Mission, B. C. Canada and then got into her vehicle and tried to drive to Chilliwack. She used her cell phone , ran off the highway and hit a metal sign but because she was able to still drive she went to Bruce W. Tarras’s house where she lives and lied together but she got compensation from I.C.B.C. through insurance fraud and lying. Mnd you Bruce W. tarras also stole money and credit cards from a wallet at the PNE to buy himself T shirts and hot dogs (told me this personally).Cynthia Lynn McNabb also ripped off the Canadian government by submitted fake receipts provided by an old boyfriend. I saw her drink and drive when working as The Wrap as she had a small contract for Walmart to hang signs as she was a contract graphic sign hanger for Walmart Canada. She was in a rental vehicle which she drove all the way to Kelowna after drinking at Boston Pizza in Penticton. She also fell asleep completely drunk and intoxicated in the back of a white pick up truck in Edmonton Alberta and passed out unconscious in the back seat. When she finally came to she said “what’s wrong with that .. everybody does it”. (verbatim quote btw). Bruce W. Tarras her boyfriend said drinking was “what we do”. She has not learned about safe driving and distracted and most likely impaired drinking either much as prior to she was had already been involved in another accident where she was named a defendant. it appears .. anyone can have this information under the Freedom of Information Act online) prior to this – the details of which were relayed in fact by her own live in boyfriend.

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