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Bryant Stiles. Bryant Stiles Car Thief Ramona California!!. Mr Bryant Stiles works at Autozone in Ramona, California 92065. He has worked on 3 vehicles of mine after being reccomended by his neighbour, I was initally rather unhappy with his quality of work from the first 4×4’s he worked on but he convinced me to give him another chance and let him continue working on my classic Studebaker. I became suspecious after he explained he had no bank account as he cound’nt keep funds in any account as they would be taken by his alimony payment system. He was asking for larger and larger repairs bills to be paid by paypal through his girlfriends account. Upon questioning his work and requesting invoices and photos he became agitated and threatened to sell my car, even putting an add up on Craigslist with photos of my vehicle to intimidate me into paying as i am in europe working. Being in Europe I am was unable to go get my car. Last week, December 6th he demanded $1700 and after I agreed to pay rather then loose the car he then ignored my emails and text messages on how he would like to get the money. I have subsequencly found out he sold the car for a lot more then what he claims he owes. He sold the car without any giving me any legal notifacation or court order. I have informed the Police and I am taking legal action. Stay away from him, he is a bad machinic, he lies and has no problem stealing and selling other peoples proiperty. Untrustworthy.

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