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Brylane sent me the wrong size bedskirt. I informed them by email that I was returning it and in exchange wanted them to send me the size I had ordered. No word from them that they had received the returned bedskirt. So I waited and waited — nothing. Tried contacting them again explaining in great detail and asking when I may expect to receive the size bedskirt I had ordered in the first place and further that I expected to be sent the right size at no additional shipping charge and to be credited with the expense of mailing the wrong size back to them. So my credit card two months ago had a Brylane charge of $19.98: $14.99 for the bedsirt and $4.99 shipping. Now my recent credit card has a Brylane credit for $13.49. Try figuring the math on that one. So I end up with paying shipping charges for Bryland sending me the WRONG item and paying shipping charges for sending the selfsame WRONG item back to them. PLUS Brylane even going so far as to credit me with only $13.49 rather than of the $14.99 cost they had charged me for the item! Small potatoes, I know — but it’s the idea of Brylane being so brazenly dishonest and getting away with it.

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