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buckeye motors sold a defective car that brakes down weekly Reynoldsburg Ohio!!. bought car7/11 picked up on the 13th car ran hot. on the very next week they took car for several days gave me a loan.that Monday called to pm up car they claimed they calledpk up ran ok a few modays then wouldn’t start called again. they had towed to the shop the said I blown a head gasket an they repaired free of charge .ok took again it ran again for a week then its down again this time running hot it was towed once again only this time was charged 220 an said I had a blown gasket an know of those things were replaced. spoke to loan company an they want me to get a better car or give the 7000 BK. right now I’m doing cabs back an forth to work at 27 each way can u plz help

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