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Complaint: I want to report Abuse, Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement, Dishonesty and Deception within the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare located in Bristol, Pennsylvania. The Bucks County Assistance Office. Let me begin by saying that during my times of Financial hardship I have never been accused of fraud in applying for State Assistance. And during these times of Financial Hardships, I have never misrepresented myself in any way, shape or form or falsified information in order to obtain State Aid to which I was not Entitled. January 5, 2010, I resided in Bucks County to receive Medical Treatment that could only be found in Philadelphia. I was on Medical Assistance at the time. We had to perform an Inner County transfer. I was then advised by Ms. Grahm through intake at the BCAO that in order to receive State Assistance, I was to cancel the Transfer and to file a new Application which would “Speed up the process.”” because I needed to be under the care of many Doctors. My household qualified for Aid as was shown in the tax returns

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Address: shown per request by intake at the BCAO along with pay stubs

Website: mail

Phone: invoices

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