Buck’s Furniture Lunenburg Vermont Review


Dec 28,2012 we went to Bucks Furniture, Wolcott, VT for their New Year 1/2 price sale. We purchased a Lane double recliner, powered, with Leather Ulphostery. Invoice: Sofa $1635.98Leather care kit $ 251.94Delivery fee $ 75.00Sales Tax $ 117.77 Invoice total $2080.68 The following week they delivered a Lane Sofa and set it up and took away our old sofa. After they left the lady of the house was sitting on it and made the comment that this did not feel like leather. We turned the sofa over to find the manufactures sticker which contained a serial #. I called Lane, spoke to a customer service agent, and gave him the serial #. He looked it up and assured me that there was no leather on this sofa and that it in fact was covered with a polyurethane product. I called Bucks and spoke with Sandy who is Buck’s daughter. She said “Oh no

it is a leather sofa. I told her of my phone call with Lane and that we had a problem. She said she would check it out and call me back. She called back and said it was a Lane shipping mistake and that it would take 6-8 weeks to get a replacement delivered and that we could use this one till the replacement arrived. We have been chasing this since then and it is a constant runaround. Now they do not even answer my phone calls as they obviously have caller ID and figure I will just give up and go away. Yesterday 4/7/2013 we went to the store and spoke with Sandy and Buck on the sales floor with other customers present and told them we wanted the leather sofa we paid for. We were hustled down to the office with the assurance that we would get a full refund because Lane had discontinued that sylye and the leather fabric. Sandy said that they would pick up the offensive sofa in 5-10 days and bring a cash refund. I insisted that it be “”cash”” no check. I am also filing this complaint with the Vermont Better Business Bureau

The Caladonian Record newspaper in St Johnsbury


and the Vermont Attorney Generals office of Consumer Protection. It will be interesting to see if they live up to their word. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BUCKS FURNITURE. Look it up on the internet and look at the complaints over the last 10 years. Let the buyer beware-I certainly should have done due diligence- A pathetic way to do business”

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