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Budget Auto Repair Moreno Valley ripoff Repair Shop Moreno Valley, California!!. This place is a rip off!! They claim to be your friend and promising to take care of you!! When all they care about is your cash!! They offer a 6 month warranty which is useless! They will find anyway to get out of it! And it’s up to you to prove it! And even still they will not honor their promise! Hopefully you make sure you get a recite!! Because they will try not to give it to you!! Also never pay with cash!! Cause, on there side all records of your business with them mysteriously gets lost! But really!! you shouldn’t even uses these guys at All! My last transaction was a simple transmission oil change, and to address a leaky connectors sleeve, along with remove and install front suspension bushings! Now, at the time the leak was was not bad, so I didn’t see a leak on the floor on my garage! $1600 and three months later the leak returned, and the suspension’s still a problem! They claimed it was a totally different part of the transmission that they did not fixed, and was the result of the leak! And that because my truck was a SUV 4×4, the ride was normal! So after an independent audit of the work done by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR)! After paying another place to fix the original problem! They too found that the repair was not done as paid for. And the BAR asked them to refund me my money! They refused! So in Recap, this is not just my own account of this transaction gone bad! But an independent audit by the BAR, also stating their finding to this repair to be fraud on there part! And another company ultimately had to fixed the original problem, causing more time and money! So please, find someone else to perform the work on your car! Please! Not to mention they will curse you out! And serve you with racists slur as they intermediate you off their premises! If you are a victim of this place make sure you file a report with the Riverside, Bureau of Automotive.

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