Budget Dumpster Rental Review


o whomever might consider hiring this company because of their advertised low price, here is how it works; in my learned opinion of course. You will be given a ten yard dumpster. It will look to be just the right size for what you have. You will fill it as I did, with household junk; nothing too heavy, plenty of things that weigh ounces but take up an inordinate amount of space like rabbit fencing that’s rolled and yet loosely so it takes up a few cubic feet of the cubic yardage. And then you’ll finish, and a month later get a credit card prepaid reciept/invoice stating you were not a few pounds but a couple TONS overweight and your little 300 dollar investment will become over 400 and the budget in the company name will seem to be a joke on you. They will tell you, you should have known; they will deny their clever 1 ton limit means that the 10 yard dumpster should really only be filled to a third of its height to stay within the contract. When you ask for documentation from the landfill they used they will instead send you a new copy of their invoice. They will argue they have no idea what sort of material you’ll put in the dumpster, and I will speculate that 80 to 100& 37; of their clients have been charged for being overweight; unless of course they have a cottage business selling down pillows and they have a garagefull of stuffing to get rid of. This is opinion of course. In my opinion anyone hiring this company after reading this review deserves what they get.

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