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Buerkle Honda Passport Rusted Frame Strikes Again North Saint Pail Minnesota!!. We were driving and our Passport started to sway slightly for no apparent reason, on the way home there was a sudden grinding and loss of control over the vehicle staying in one lane, I managed to regain control and pulled it over to the side of the road and looked at it. The rear trailing arm rusted and separated from the frame. Hundreds of complaints over this issue as well as complaints that Canada is reimbursed and in the US it is hard to get the proper compensation. Had the vehicle for two years, were assured there were no recalls when we bought it from a dealer, we were never informed of any recalls while owning it. We had the vehicle towed to our mechanic and where told that he wouldn’t fix it because the vehicle wouldn’t be safe to drive. He gave us a monetary amount to total out the vehicle and noted that we had 4 new tires on the Passport. Our mechanic advised us to contact Honda because he thought there was a recall, a recent client worked with GMC over a similar issue with frame rust and they gave him a new vehicle. Vehicle has recalls on rust and the frame that Honda said they couldn’t tell us over the phone if it was a recalled issue or not. We were then called saying they called in on the recall and thought it would take a couple of weeks to fix. This same day they called us back and said it wasn’t on recall and that we could pay 1750 dollars to repair it plus towing, or we could total it out and get 100 dollars back after they deducted the tow fee. This is this particular service centers way of getting unsafe Honda’s off the road.

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