After more than 2 years of dealing with this disreputable company, and specifically the owner Mr Thembani Khumalo ID # 620414 5394 18 7, we are forced to take legal action to claim over R150 000 of our money, which he owes us but refuses to pay. | This man and his company, contracted in early 2015, to build a simple 6-wall house, has not only built badly and negligently, but he also refuses to pay us any of the money back, which we paid upfront for the building work. | We have paid over 96% of the cost of the build, and as of March 2017 had to fire him for dishonesty, and bad workmanship. | Work was halted on the build numerous times by inspectors due to incorrect building practice and bad workmanship. | We are in possession of various technical engineers reports, as well as statements from NHBRC and Muncipal building inspectors stating that his work is very bad and would never pass inspection. We are halppy to share these with any parties who are currently seeking references for this company / man. | Our site did not have a site manager or building foreman, which led to shockingly bad workmanship which now has to be redone at the cost of over R150 000 just to be passed by the NHBRC and municipal inspectors. | Before signing a contract with this company, please read the chronological correspondence (all unedited and verifiable) on the website we have set up to expose the terrible experience we have had which has not only bankrupted us, but which will see us pursuing a long and costly law suit in the High Court.



Country: South Africa


City: Craiggavon, Johannesburg

Address: 10 Villa Attia, Poplar Road

Phone: (+27) 11 056 4344


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