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Bulldog Truck and Equipment Sales Sold me a truck I couldn’t use. It was broke from the day I got it Cumming Georgia!!. I was all excited about going into business for myself and buying my own truck. If I would’ve known then what I know now! I bought a 1999 Freightliner, from day one it was nothing but trouble. When I called about the truck the salesman I delt with, (Mike), was more than friendly. I specifically told him that I understand that its a used truck but its my income and I need to go to work with it right away. He told me over the phone that they, (Bulldog), would have their mechanic go over it and check it out. So I pick the truck up and almost get home when I decide to stop for something to eat. I come out start the truck and it wouldn’t start, like it had no fuel pressure, and I had over half a tank. I call Mike the next day and he said take it to Cat, (since it had a Cat engine). So I spent the batter part of a day at Cat only to have their mechanic tell me that looks like possible the ECM could be going but he wasn’t sure because someone had messed with the wires and the electronics were all screwed up. I call Mike and says they wouldn’t replace the ECM. A week later I take it to the shop to have the clutch adjusted. Only to find out the clutch was about shot and needed replaced or I was gonna be stuck somewhere because their was no adjustment left. I call Mike he says a clutch is a maintanance item. So $2500 later I put a new clutch in. Two weeks after that, I notice the rear end is leaking and I notice it is cracked. Now keep in mind although I’ve had the truck three weeks it hasn’t been worked much because its been down alot due to repairs. Then a week or two after that it shuts off on me one night going home. Oh, and the passenger fuel tank started to leak. That was the last straw I had Bulldog come and repo it. At that point I didn’t care. I had already lost my a*s because of the thousands in repair bills, coupled with tags, insurance, lost work and down time I was burried. What’s sad is that I had perfect credit, (770) prior this venture. To say I got taken was an understatement. I’ve read several reviews and it looks like I’m not alone. All I can say is that anyone considering buying from Bulldog, DON’T!

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