Bulter Transport Bob Evans Review


I was taken off the truck by ems at truck stop in texas. I was very sick and I had iv’s in arm and heart monitors. I was given medication to keep me from being dizzy. Butler did not contact my wife in N.C. to tell her anything about my condition. They wanted me to deliver a load at 12:30 that night in San Antonio, Texas. I did that, picked up another load that morning, but I was still sick. So I drove 500 miles till my hours ran out. I parked at a pilot truck stop to rest because I was still sick. On Thursday evening, I heard someone knock on my door. It was a tow truck driver that blocked my truck in and Butler told them to reposses my truck because I was out of route on my miles, but I was sick and I was in route of my miles. The tow truck driver to their company, where I had to take my stuff off the truck, all I could get was my clothes, food, which was valued over two hundred dollars, my Road Pro Stove was left on the truck, refrigator, personal clothes was also left, they put me out at the tow truck company with my bags in the cold at 10:00pm in West Monroe, Louisiana. They did not provide me a cab or a motel expense, they just put me out in the cold, sick like a dog. I had nowhere to go, the motel I was dropped off at had no available rooms. If anyone goes to Butler don’t get sick and take a bottle of vasoline so you don’t feel it going in. And if anyone read this, I do have a case of abandonment against them the way they left me out in the cold knowing that I had been taken off the truck by EMS and was in the hospital that Tuesday, February 11th. .

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