Bumblebaby Diapers Review


I purchased a coupon code to use towards cloth diapers from Bumblebaby Diapers. When I ordered the diapers, I was over my coupon limit, so I paid the additional amount, plus a seperate bill for shipping. I then waited patiently, knowing that these diapers were being made after they were ordered. I inquired many times to the status of the diapers, each time being assured that they were almost done, or on their way out the door. Now, there is no way to get a hold of this person to refund my money. None of her email addresses work, all emails just get bounced back. She has deleted her blogs, website, and facebook pages. She took everyones money, assured them long enough so that paypal/credit card disputes would no longer be valid, then deleted everything. This person knew exactly what they were doing, and conned a lot of people out of money.

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