Burger King Cincinnati Ohio


Complaint: Went thru the drive thru at Burger King located on Ohio Pike in Withamsville, east of Cincinnati Oh.Total for order came to $7.41 gave girl at window $20.00 the smallest bill I had.She handed me back $2.59, I protested stated that I had handed girl a $20 bill. She insisted I gave her a $10.00 bill.I went in to talk to her and manager. Told manager what had happened. She got upset with me and said you would have to pull and count drawer. Told her it wasn’t necessary, I had just gotten the $20 from the ATM and they were all new and in sequence. All she had to do was look at the $20 with following serial #. I wrote it down from one of the other bills I had. She came back and told me that she did have a $20 with a similar serial# but her drawer was only $2.54 over. That there was no way I could have been shorted $10.00. I told the manager that if the drawer was $2.54 over, then it was $7.46 short before I short changed.Manager wanted to know how I would know that. Told her it was simple math. Manager was insistent that I was mistaken, and had paid with a $10. My argument was if that was so, then how did I know the serial # of a $20 that was in the till? I was of course upset and very adamant about getting my $10 back. I was told that I need to leave and if I return that they would call the police for trying to scam them. Before leaving, I left my name and #, asked that the owner or general manager would call me. A day later the franchise owner called me, stated that he thought that maybe I was in the right, but he has such a large turn over and loss that he was sorry, there was nothing he would be willing to do aside from giving me a $10 food credit. When I asked about the serial #’s on the bill, he stated that it had been deposited and couldn’t verify that fact.Well, now I’m out $10 and the only way I’m going to get that back is to eat $10 worth of food that I really don’t trust now. So now, I hope that if you drive by the Burger King on Ohio Pike (St RT 125) in Withamsville, you’ll think twice before you stop. At the very least, mark the bills you pay with, not that it will help.

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Address: Ohio Pike witamsville, Ohio United States of America



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