Burgess Seed And Plant Co. Easton Connecticut Review


Basically In a nutshell, this company (Burgess Seed & Plant Co.), is in dire need of some internal restructuring of the company infrastructure, policy, and staff. I honestly have never been so indiscreetly disrespected by a company, and as a NEW customer none the less. A MONTH ago I placed an order for a few hundred dollars worth of this company’s products (plants, trees, vegetables, etc.), all planned out in advance so that they would arrive on Earth Day and I could do my part to help mother nature (and build upon my garden). The day after I placed the order I made sure to speak with a representative to double check that most of what I ordered was in stock and able to be shipped as I hoped (give or take a week or two). I wish I had paid attention to the red flags going off when spoke with a representative then first time. This person had absolutely NO idea about their products or policy, and nor did he care. I was slightly disappointed with my first personal interaction with the company, but thought it was just one uneducated worker out or the dozen, and figured I would just let it slide and be patient. After two more weeks passed, I called again… SAME EXACT situation. Except this time the man on the phone was very rude and abrasive right from the getting, nothing that came out of his mouth was even slightly professional. I asked him when he thought I should expect to receive my packages and he said “I’m not really certain

we can’t tell you

but they are here and all packaged up ready to go.”” Mind you the products I ordered and TINY TINY seedlings

nothing even remotely close to needing to be shipped via anything other than a cardboard box. Well

today I decided it was necessary to make another attempt at finding out when it is that these items should arrive. TWO weeks AGAIN

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