Bursting Happiness New York


Complaint: I ABSOLUTELY ADVISED ANYBODY WITHWORKING THEM. For design work, probably, for complicated lengthy urgent deadline work…AVOID…because I guaranteed you they won’t deliver on time and on their promises. They used to be “MindBlownCreatives”” and “”Freshinsite.”” Go ahead and Google them

Tags: Internet Service Providers

Address: and you’ll see all their nightmare stories that resulted in them having to changed their names to “”MaverickHeroes”” and “”BurstingHappiness

Website: but that’s how much headache they caused. Now we have overpaid close to double than the initial proposal

Phone: “” but due to the exorbitant amount of complaints they have received…they thought changing their name would hide that…yes I was one of those victims from their previous project and didn’t realized that until later after hiring and working with them when they started to act like a scam operation with all the lies and excuses…that eventually requiring me to do additional research…then found out they were in fact the previous scammers from 5 years ago. All in all

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