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This started when I lost my husband in 2016 that ment the loss of income so was looking on internet for online job. Next thing I know Terry Michael called and told me how to invest and I would be able to be finanally set for life. Had a little savings and talked me into investing wasn’t much at first but there was always more money for upgrading web site. He had it sold several times they’d back out or wasn’t enough money and he could get more, told him several times to sell he didnt have anyone to buy that site. Terry dropped out of the picture tried to contact Terry or Brandon was connected to Cornius so he took over where Terry left off, so I am thinking, well this will work out new guy, nope should have known better. I believe if you do what you say, then everyone else lives by the same rule. I wish. I lost my savings now I owe $25,000.00 to credit cards that charge arm and leg in interest, retired living on Social Security. I probably won’t live that long. Cornius set up a EIN number that I had to pay $300.00 to state of Tennessee, it has just s****.> Lord I was disobeident with what you trusted me with should have stayed off of internet and trusted in you to take care of me. I pray that you forgive me. I was sent to Swyft Filings and still dont know what they are about except money and paid a monthly web site fee. Nex-Gen was next this is a tax filing service convinced me if you don’t do this you will be sued show me the ins and outs of business will file income tax for life all you have to do is pay $2,750.00 and a $59.00 fee every month. Later learned my income taxes will be tied to the Estate, and I would never be able to use there service you think they cared nope. Well Cornius said he would get it back. I guess he tried credit card company took off and he failed to get it resolved so they put the charges back on my card, but Cornuis took the money that the money I had invested Nex-Gen Tax Service. so now he took that money he was suppose to credit to me and then they put $2,700.00 plus $1995.00 back on credit card so I had to pay double. I am so gulable and trusting, probably have a web site for scamers with my name at the top of the list. Hope this will help someone else to not make these same mistakes.


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