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Complaint: In June 2017 initially via Internet, I bought a refurbished Dell Model E6410 laptop computer from Buy From Us ( located in Frigliana, Costa del Sol, Spain for u20ac300 cash with a 90-day guarantee. I had problems and invoked the guarantee. On 21 September 2017 in the coastal city of Nerja, close to Frigliana, Buy From Us principal, Stuart Blint, in a sudden fit of temper picked up and slammed my Dell laptop down on a metal table in an outdoor cafe. The next day by e-mail, Mr. Blint apologised for his behavior. He told me all my data on my hard drive he installed from a previously dead laptop was absolutely gone, non-discoverable as a direct result of his temper tantrum. Full stop!! Stuart Blint and his Internet company,, refused to provide me a full u20ac300 refund I demanded. And offered nothing but a new, clean hard drive in the damaged laptop along with a new battery I did not order! Or, Buy From Us through another Stuart Blint e-mail he sent during the first week of October, offered to buy back the now broken Dell laptop for u20ac150. I refused, calling this offer a “profound insult.”” I write this complaint on 7 October 2017. Buy From Us and Stuart Blint killed more than 11 years of recorded images (I am a professional photo-journalist and hundreds of documents etc.)

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: retains my u20ac300 plus my now defunct or dead Dell E6410 allegedly “”refurbished”” laptop computer.”


Phone: Internet USA

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