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I gave this company $561.00 to advertise my timeshare. A few days later, I called the company requesting cancellation and the representative told me no. The rep. said they don’t give refunds. Conveniently, this conversation was not recorded. I called two or three weeks later to talk to someone else about a refund and they said it was too late. Two weeks after that, I sold the timeshare back to the resort and got an upgrade. nI sent the settlement papers to ““” and they refused to honor the refund. The company said it stood behind the “”Money Back Gurantee”” if I sold the timeshare myself. nLewis

the rep

said it was a transfer not a sale. nThis company is taking poor struggling people’s savings. This is wrong and fraudulant.”

5406 Hoover Blvd, Suite 4 Tampa, Florida United States of America


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