You go to their webpage to get the RFID wallet and you fill out the order. They says they will give you anotehr one for free, just pay shipping. Total cost for the two wallets was $25.00 and the $10.00 extra fee was for the upgrade, for a complete total of $35.00 At no time did their webpage state that both the wallets had to be in the same color. When I was one click away from placing theorder, I found they wanted to charge me close to $90.00 for the two wallets as they had in fact without my permission placed a duplicate order. | I called them and was politely told on the phone that I had to take the same color for both wallets or I could not place the order as they would not give me on in black and one in brown as the website indicated. After talking to this person and then talking to their supervisor, I was assured that even though there was nothing in the webpage saying I had to take the wallets in the same color, this was their policy and they were not going to change it for me. | I then told them to cancel the order as this was an obvious bait and switch as they were not giving me what the website indicated I could do. They agreed to cancel the order. | I then found out at 6:35pm tha they had NOT cancelled the order. I called them back and demanded they cancel the order and the gentleman on the other end tried everything he could think of to get me to change my mind. It didnt work. | This is a bait and switch, only after you place the order do they start adding strings. They should be shut down toot sweet as this is an obvious violatio of US law and US tradelaw.



Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Fairfield

Address: 21 Law Drive

Phone: 844-226-9243


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