Purchased a boat cover from “” after seeing they had a “72hr” sale. The “72hr” sale they claim to have for “72hrs” only , runs all the time. The company claims to be based out of Atlanta Georgia, however you need to google the “Shoplio” address. It looks like a run down false address. The boat cover actually came out of Arkansas. It only took a week to receive, not to bad I thought. The box had “Made in China” on all 4 corners. This raised my eyebrow! Once I opened & unrolled the boat cover, I could tell it was a poorly designed, cheap boat cover. It would not fit the boat that is was sent for. It was too short & not wide enough. I immediately called the tel:(888)619-6852, and guess what, you must leave a message & they will call you back at there convience. It took 24 hrs to get a call back from them. Then they ask you a million questions & try to put the problem back on you. Once I finally got a RMA from them, they tell you that you will receive an email with all the information within 24hrs. After 24hrs, no email. I call again, wait for call back and they tell me they will resend the email. 48hrs later, no email. I call again, same old story. No email & no return phone call. So, thankfully I decided to pay via PayPal, so if something was to happen I would have recours. And I did! I filed a complaint with PayPal & in a nutshell after a month after they received my return, I got ALL my money back! Thank you PayPal! I will never do business with them (, SelectBoatCovers or Shopli) again. I recommend you do the same! Pay a little more & get a quality boat cover that will fit from a reputable company that will answer their phone and talk to you like a human.

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