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*** They go by or Cyberpower *** non 3/23/2005 i purchased a PC from them. When it was delivered to my house on 4/2 i tried to set it up over the weekend. I called on 4/4 said it didn’t work and they sent a tech to my house on 4/14 (2 weeks later to fix) he noticed several other issues: Chip had bent pins/loose fans/PC won’t post/power supply in chasis bent. nSent it back (they gave me an RMA) for a completely new and different system. Told them i wanted a new system not the current one checked and a burn-in report. They sent back the same system (can see the bent chasis still as the panels wont attach flush). nThe I.T. department from my work tried to load windows several different times it either crashed, Blue screened, sounded several beeps and/or restarted, The DVD drive also burnt a circle into the windows CD. Called on 5/9 to get the RMA to return 2nd non-functional PC (RMA received). nThey have had 2 chances to deliver a PC in functional working condition to me, they failed. i told them i wanted my $1,273 refunded to my credit card and the shipping costs for 2nd non-functional PC sent back to them re-imbursed. nThey said No cuz its after the 30days and it will get a 15% restock fee. I said i’m not paying that fee because the whole basis behind your warranty and terms is that you give me a product that works, 2 months later and they still haven’t been able to give me a working PC. nJohn is Customer support is a POS little weasel and Scott doesn’t even know how to do CS. The whole CS dept isn’t even empowered to do anything (they told me), it has to go through Tech Dept that probably just Googles the problems. Manager Eddie was supposed to contact me 1 week gone by still haven’t heard from him, bet he doesn’t exist. nChrisnReno, NevadaU.S.A.

802 Little John Street Baldwin Park, California U.S.A.

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