Harpers Ferry West Virginia Review


Do not do businss with They are a scam and thieves. I purchased two items but only was sent to me. The seller refused to acknowledge this and refused to either mail me the second item or refund my credit for the amount paid. The seller dragged me along via email as I sent them pictures of the packaging showing that only one item could have been mailed as only one item would fit in the packaging and was weighted by shipping carrier. Seller said I was lying and stopped replying to my emails and inquiries on status. Seller is a thief in the basesement of their home. There are a dozen BBB complaints against this seller as well as numerous web sites (like this one) where consumer post complaints. Dont Do Business With This Seller! you will be sorely dissapointed if you. Their prices are lower than anyone else’s for a reason. its a scam. They are probably selling stolen goods. Here is are some snippets from an email they sent me when I said was filing complaints against them (I admit, I was totally rude to them on the 4th day of being strung along by them via email and their refusal to acknowlege the matter.): – We are not afraid of you. Amazing custumer service. – Youu2019re an insignificant human being that doesnu2019t add anything to society. – We have proof that you received the package. – If you were a little bit more descent this would have been solved already but instead of choose to threat and insult. – You must not have much love in your live thatu2019s why you act like this it shows your stupidity and lack of values. – If youu2019d like to be respected, respect others

120 East Will Tree Road Spring Valley, New York USA

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