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Byers Automotive Byers sold me an unsafe car Columbus Ohio!!. I recently was looking for a basic car when I found one at a Byers Auto lot. The car was as is but they took it to the main used car lot to check it out. I looked it over and then they hoisted it up to look underneath. There were several license plates underneath the car which the used car manager stated they were placed by someone because many cars rusted out in those areas. I said as long as the car was stable and safe I would buy it. They tried to sell me a $1300 warranty but I couldn’t afford that. The car was sold as is without a warranty. Well after buying it we had to fix several things to just get it to continue to run. Then the fuel pump went out and the gas guage stopped working. So we spent hundreds of dollars to get the fuel pump fixed. In a few weeks my son was driving the car on the highway when some flames shot out from under the car and the car filled with smoke. He jumped out and then also noticed oil pouring out from under the car. After getting it towed to a repair shop we saw pieces of carboard under the car by the license plates on both sides. The cardboard is what had caught fire. and threatened my son. The used car manager told me I should have seen the problems but I simply told him that I am a hospital nurse not a mechanic. After contacting Byers they finally said that the card board must have been placed under there by us or run over and atttached while driving because they weren’t there when they sold us the car. I simply want Byers to refund my money because they sold me an unsafe and dangerous car that they should have checked out more thoroughly. They also told me they didn’t have the money. Well I can’t quite belive that, them being a multimillion dollar corporation. I simply wanyt Byers to do the right thing.

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