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C.C. Plus Brent Poor customer contact and customer relations and do not stand behind their work and their outsourcing partners work. Conroe, Texas!!. I left my boat with C.C. Plus to remove carpet and have a bed liner sprayed on in place of carpet for easy cleaning and appearance and to have a marine stereo, speakers and antenna installed. I asked for a light color similar to the light gray carpet it was replacing and was told this could be done. After numerous delays I finally got a call two weeks later that the boat was ready and was sent cell phone pictures. It turned out they sprayed a charcoal (almost black) bed liner instead of the light gray I asked for. It also had several holes in it and there were big gaps where the plywood met. Brent even admitted they should have called after the carpet was removed and ask if I wanted to fill in holes and gaps prior to spraying liner, which they did not. It looked awful! He then asked if I would pay an additional $200.00 to have the holes and gaps filled with filler so the liner could be resprayed and have a uniform flat look and I agreed. One week later I get the call it is ready and now it is a shade lighter than charcoal but all the holes and gaps are still there. Since I am in a wheelchair I couldn’t see this till we got the boat back in the water and back at the marina so I could board the boat and inspect it. Where the bedliner met the trim and helm it looked jagged and like a 5yr old did the job. I have tried to resolve this and my wife has called and complained and all we got from Brent was, and I quote, “Well at least we know the next time we do a job like this we should contact the customer and make repairs before we spray a liner on”. I had to borrow a trailer for three weeks and if I wanted it fixed I would have to go through this all again and hire someone to fix the holes and gaps and let them respray. Given the last experience I would never go back to CC Plus. I was lied to the entire time and no one will make this right. All we get is “we do apologize for that”! They will never see me again and I will tell anyone I meet to never trust them. They referred me to Frank at VIP Tinters who they outsourced the work to who agreed to redo the work. It took almost a full month before the floor was finally acceptable. The next problem was that they left the seats unmounted and did not wire it back like it was. Frank told me he would pay a boat mechanic to install seats and rewire and pay the bill. After the job was complete all I get is a runaround and he avoids me, so I have had to pay $357.00 out of my pocket to have the boat back like it was when they got it. All I can do now is file against them in small claims court or hire an attorney to do it.

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