C. David Brown II


When your attorney and law firm wriggles out of setting up hearing after billing you a ransom to rig up watered down pleadings that he knows he will never seek remedy for and when your attorney doesn’t open his mouth in court, you know you have been set up and thrown under the bus by them. We hired C. David Brown II to represent our company in a litigation matter. He charged an outrageous retainer brought in a staggering amount of inept and unqualified “junior associates” who were cutting their teeth on our matter and billing us obscene fees so they could be trained at our expense. The work product was juvenile and it was obvious they had no experience in the matter or were deliberately avoiding the issues in order to fuel their bills. Over a year went by with the only thing to show was a stack of Broad and Cassel invoices that could circle the earth. C. David Brown II offered one lame excuse after another about why he did not schedule a hearing. It became apparent there was something going on that did not pass the smell test. Our company knew we were being played by Broad and Cassel to keep them floated above water. In talking with others in the business community it was a common practice for Broad and Cassel to eat up retainers at the speed of light and leave their clients on the hook months later with a mound of legal bills and no resolution in sight. All the while, we were paying astronomical legal fees, Broad and Cassel was secretly working with the opposing attorneys to sabotage our case as it involved whistleblowing on matters of state fraud. When the matter finally went to court, C. David Brown II went radio silent. The case was obviously rigged and it was obvious he had made a deal in advance to sabotage us. C. David Brown II and Broad and Cassel are covert operators. They will stop at nothing to advance their own financial interest and throw their clients to the wolves.

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