C R England


C R England C R England ruined mine and my familys life! Internet!!. I have always wanted to be a truck driver. Where i live, employment is kinda hard to come by. C R England took me into their school GUARENTEED me a job. When i graduated, they said they had no company trucks available and would send me home until they had one. So, I go suckered in to LEASING! This is my 2nd month and I have not had a check yet. We lost our home. We lost everything. I had to fight and argue over my check every week. I was always negative or they took it for “variable cost”.Thats not all. I had a swap going to OKC, Ok. Inlive in Lwaton, an hour away. I wasnt due in Okc until 11 pm on a Wed night. They said i abandoned my truck because i parked in an emlty parking lot in lawton to go see my aunt in the hospital and help move my now homeless family.I did nothing wrong. They scammed me for my money and ruined my license.

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