C.R.P. HOLDINGS A-2, LLC, Dan Dretler, V.P. Norcross Georgia Review


Holland Park Apartments denied my request for disability housing accommodations after I rejected the property managers sexual advances. The manager and his staff created a hostile environment and after paying my $1,880.00 dollar deposit for an inaccessible apartment the manager and staff constructvely evicted me and refused to refund my deposit. I did follow the “Early Termination Clause”” of the lease agreement by giving a 30 day notice to quit

but the manager and staff rejected my 30 day notice and evicted me and I have been homeless every since that day. I filed a complaint with HUD and my case was “”Deactivated”” for 18mos. for un-known reasons. I filed a complaint with the ‘Justice Department and I also sent a Letter to President Obama

he responded and ordered the Justice Department to order HUD to “”Reactivate”” my case was closed 60 days later


I had to file my civil claim in federal court because the statute was running out

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