CA Newton Hamilton Pennsylvania Review


Purchased (2) samples advertised by Dr. Oz and Oprah for 10.94 and paid by debit card for this. Received the items approximately 10 days later. Received a call from my bank regarding deductions of 85.97 and 89.97 from my account by this outfit, which I did not know anything about and never authorized it. The bank gave me the telephon numbers (which were invalid) when I tried to call them. I never received anything else from them. Pretty expensive for 2 small samples which I already paid for. Contacted Dr. Oz, and he vehemently denied having anything to do with any problems of this sort. This is a lie. Both he and Oprah spoke as representatives for this so-called company on the internet. Luckily, in one respect, I was able to cancel my debit card for the one deduction of 89.97. This is the most horrendous thing that is put on our American consumers. We trust what they say, then they rip us off as fast as they possibly can anyway they can. Suggest you don’t buy anything that is advertised as a sample for paying S&H only. They will get you. It is time to really bear down on deceptive advertising of this type.


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