CabinetsDirectRTA fargo North Dakota Review


My wife and I searched many of the online RTA stores for the particular cabinet that we wanted. CabinetsDirectRTA was the only company that had them and the price was very reasonable. After contacting the company in 2013 and getting a sample door (which was very easy and they communicated with us well at the time), we decide to purchase all the cabinets needed for our COMPLETE kitchen gut and remodel. We placed our order in late January 2014 and waited for them to arrive. After the companies 2-4 week delivery time passed, I contacted the company and spoke with a woman named, Charmaine. She said that she could not tell us where our cabinets were and said that she would have to do some checking into the matter. I waited a couple of days and heard nothing. I re-contacted her and asked where our order was, again she could not answer. I waited another week, same process as above. Finally after 10 weeks of waiting and having received no product. We contacted another company with a similar product and ordered from them. We cancelled our order from CabinetsDirectRTA and were PROMISED a refund in 30 days. It has not been 74 days since we were told we would get our money back. I have the signed bank draft from Frank Lamark which has been given to the Illinois Attorney Generals office in my complaint to them and I have also initiated a complaint with the Chicago BBB. I have not gotten a positive response from cabinetsdirectrta and have no idea when I will get my money back. Would love to just get my money back, Troy

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