Cable ONE Complaint


Cableone has been making unauthorized drafts to my checking account. I contacted management about this 7/16/10 AT 0945hrs & was told that when I signed up for dvr service they hold the card in case of equipment damage & if my account goes into default they would charge it. I was not informed of this upon signing up for dvr services, in fact I was assured no charges would be placed on it. I paid my bill in person in April 2010 & was again assured no monthly service charges would be brought against the card, that the payment was a one-time only authorization. Bank statements proved that Cableone has been drafting my account since April for $130.79/mos, causing overdrafts. Management said they would remove the card number if I returned the equipment, which I did 7/16/10 AT 1133hrs, at which time Cableone made yet another unauthorized charge. I went to my bank, put a stop payment on Cableone, disputed the charges & had to cancel my debit card. No further assistance was offered by Cableone or their representatives.

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