Complaint: I worked for the Cactus Concession LTD, for the Hohokam stadium in Mesa, Arizona. All the employees where told that it was $8.00 and hr. then when you fill out your application it explains that you Must work all games (17 games) to recieve $8.00. Other than that you where paid $6.00 an hour. and that you will recieve your $2.00 on the last paycheck. I worked all 17 games and when getting my chceck i didn’t get paid my $2.00 an hour for all 17 games instead i only recieved $6.00 for the last 16.75 hours i wokred and it was suppost to be 16.75 for $6.00 then and extra $2.00 an hour for 100.50 hours paid. I talked to a few people and they also said they didn’t get there $2.00 an hour for each hour they worked either. It sounds like no one got paid and i havent’ been able to get a hold of anyone from there to talk about it. I moved and gave them my new address and have been waiting for my check and discovered i had been cheated. Isabel huntley, Illinois

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: 10915 E. EL RANCHO SCOTTSDALE, Arizona U.S.A.



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