cactus jacks bell rd


cactus jacks bell rd unfair phx Arizona!!. Cactus Jacks on bell road is horrible. I worked there and was treated unfairly and witnessed many unprofessional things take place. For example, a current employee left on lunch break to get her hair done and returned almost two and a half hours late, yet I was terminated due to having to leave because of a personal emergency for the first time. Vehicles were still put on the market for sales knowing that whoever bought the vehicle would have issues with it. Salesmen would argue in front of customers and with the unsatisfied customers. Overall, the office staff is completely unprofessional and just rude. Dennis Doherty was an awesome and very fair owner, he just needs to take a look at those he has running and maintaining office duties. Current lawsuit pending towards them for unlawful termination of employee and several other factors. Good luck to whomever gets a vehicle from there.

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