Caitlin Bell-Haner (Fisher) – Oppelo, Arkansas Arkansas


So what we have here is a homewrecker who lacks any all originality. Down from copying and envying the lives of girls (some she’s never even met) hair, mannerisms, style, etc. for years. It’s honestly quite impressive how she continues to spin this victim web and still manage to snare people in it. She claims everyone is “out to get her” but in reality she’s a terrible person and needs psychiatric help. The walking definition of narcissistic envy. When she gets bored (and that is often) she likes to create fake profiles of people and send herself threatening messages. She’s thrives off the attention. She’s so twisted and warped that I think she believes her own lies. She always has to have a man (any man), not surprising since she has 4 children at age 23 by a minimum of 3 men. If she catches you in her gaze and feels threatened by you, and she will, she’ll send you, your mans, your family messages trying to make you out to be like a monster. However, she is the only monster in her life. Enabled only by her immediate family and maybe her new victim she’s trying to trap because she’s so dependent. I’ve included a recent picture of her mugshot so you can very easily tell I’m not lying about her faults. “You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.” And I’m tired of you messing with me Caitlin. I’m sure when you see this that’ll you’ll burst with newfound energy to “make me pay” or “get even”. Truth is, we’re all tried of hearing your name and seeing your face. Leave everyone alone and get a grip, maybe then you can finally be happy and leave me and everyone alone.

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