Cal Eagle Transport Review


Dont ever work for this company they cheat on truck drivers big time .they pay you by charging you more for a tablet on your pay check than what it said on the employee agreement .if you get cash advance they lie to you that you took more than you did .you found out also you pay check has been cheated..they also have a terrible dispatch that dont even know anything about trucking as far as regulations and dispatch get you lost all the time by giving you the wrong address for the load they assign you. they also force you to drive more by squizing every miles they can get out of you wish can put a life of a truck driver at huge risk in an unsafe manner by rushing you to drop or pick up a load without giving you also the extra time to take a showers and makes stops that are necessary wish are part of on duty work.i recommend anyone to NOT WORK for this truck company you will regret it later on..


Name: Cal Eagle Transport

Country: United States

State: California

City: Fresno

Address: 4709 N El Capitan Ave

Phone: 1 559-478-0517


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