CalAtlantic Homes Complaint


After discovery (1 year and two months) subsequent to the construction of the new home”s driveway that the “chalking” tracked into the home daily originated from the defective driveway poor by Standard Pacific, I contacted Standard Pacific in order to initiate the process to have the problem fixed. Upon initial contact by a representative of Standard Pacific it was determined by the Standard Pacific employee that in fact the driveway cement was not performing due to the improper amount of water contained in the original cement poor, which was verbalized to the Standard Pacific employee by their current concrete building contractor. I was informed by the Standard Pacific employee that they would be correcting the problem by applying a sealing compound to the driveway in the coming week. A few days subsequent to this, the same employee informed me that he was directed by his manager that they would NOT be fixing the problem and that they considered the matter closed. I then filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau. Standard Pacific responded that the matter was not a warranty item issue and that they had inspected the home with industry professionals and found no problems with the cement. I responded to the Better Business Bureau again that this was false that no professionals had inspected the home”s driveway that I was aware of and that the issue was left unresolved. Approximately two days after my response the same Standard Pacific employee with two other concrete contractors were gathered at my home unannounced, at which time I inquired as to the reason for the unannounced visit. I was told by the Standard Pacific employee that the concrete contractors did not see issues with the concrete, except the area from the driveway leading up to the front door of the home with a chalking problem. The employee left the home promising to respond to me via e-mail with the exact solutions to my problems and the company”s plan to fix. Approximately one week expired at which time subsequent to my follow up actions was told by the employee that it was “out of his hands, ” and that the response from the company to the Better Business Bureau would be the only additional information relative to the problem reported. This is unsatisfactory in that the chalking problem is the result of a defective cement poor at construction which should be the cost to Standard Pacific to fix. Do not buy a home from this builder (Standard Pacific, now CalAtlantic Homes) in that every problem discovered from the minor to the major is a contest of tug-of-war which flies directly in contradiction to their self proclaimed high customer satisfaction based builder reputation.

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