California Exemption Program


Random caller calls and begins with asking for homeowner using last name of owner. Then announces that they are calling from the California Exemption Program and began asking for details from our electric bill saying that we would qualify for a program if we pay more than $100 a month for electricity. I told him tht we did. Once caller realized that I was not the one who can make authorizations to changes on our bill he asked for a good time to reach them. I gave him a random time frame and hung up. A moment later another caller from the same program calls back asking the same questions. By this time I had already taken a moment to investigate and look up their business name online and on and found no information whatsoever regarding any state run or privately run program that would indicate their ligitimacy. So once the second caller called and began with the same questions, I asked her who owns this company and is running this program and her response was, "I cannot divulge that information." So then I told her we nothing more to discuss and said good bye.

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