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california imports inc david m this guy sells junk huntington beach, California!!. this is a bad place to buy a car, david is a smoth talker. they are over priced cars with high mlies. daved tells you what ever want to here to get you to buy. when you question him about any promises he has made he will drag it out tell you forget about it or just move on. he has hard ly ever resold a second car to anyone. i have picked up a car from him few years ago and told him that buy the car if he fixed a handful of things he said no problem and that the car was covered for the 1st few months and 1st 5000 mile or so. a week later i returned and have him a list of thing that need to be fixed. he dragged it out for months so i found a replacement car gave him all the money we agreed to and traded out the car. then the day i wne in to do the deal he offerd me 50 of the price of the car and marked the replacement car by 20% the thing is i found the replacement car not him and he told me to go get the car and list what i did to fix the other car. i did all this and the he basicly stuck me wit a bill for 6k. this is a bad dealer do not buy from this guy you will end up with a bad deal and get so frustated you will just give up and be stuck with a masive repair bill, loan or a high miles junker.

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