Callahan Associates


Callahan Associates They left a message saying they will close my bank accounts!!. They called and left a message saying they will close all my bank accounts and so something to my ssn. I called and asked them who they think they are and why hey think hey have the power to shut down my bank accounts! They said hey have a case for me and they sent me paperwork 45 days ago. I said I have not received anything and what is he case for? The guy couldnu2019t get his bearings because I told them this is fraud and I seen Ripoff Scamss on them. He started arguing like a kid saying here are Ripp off reports for Walmart too but that doesnu2019t make them true. I sapthem why is what your threatening true but these reports are false? Every time I asked what I supposedly did that is so illegal that my bank accounts can be shut down! I am unemployed and have like $2 bucks in each account so thy wonu2019t get any money anyway. He said he wonu2019t give me any info on this case until I give him more personal information. I said Iu2019m not giving them any more information and I am turning them in for fraud Becca it is illegal to threaten people even if they do owe money. This is considered harassment!

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